Would you agree that September it is a great month to start new things and make the end of the year as productive as possible?

Now that summer is over, it’s time to get back to work and we are thrilled to share some fabulous news with you. News that will hopefully brighten your week!

Women Co

Women Who Co-Work are Women Co! You may have already spotted this, we have been referring to Women Who Co-Work as Women Co.

This change came up after a series of successful sessions with all of you fabulous women, when we realised that we were gathering for much more than Jelly coworking sessions (a great worldwide movement by the way), but we also wanted to COcreate, COllaborate, COnnect, have more COnversations, and be a part of a supportive inclusive COmmunity.

By working together, we want to COntribute to the building of stronger female-led COmpanies and support one another in doing so.

So we felt that a new name would reflect all of this.
Do you like it?

Smiling group of women working in a Women Co session. Photographer gives thumbs up

The Team

We are María, Emilia, Magda, Natalia & Nathalie and we all met in March at a Jelly coworking session organised by Maria. We connected instantly and Women Co was born!

We have used the summer to its fullest and worked behind the scenes to brainstorm topics and ideas that would help women thrive and build up this fantastic coworking community.


New Headquarters

In August, María applied for a competition run by the newest coworking hub in town: Talent Garden (TAG) in Glasnevin. And we WON!

For the whole month of September we have a unique opportunity to be amongst the first members of TAG and dedicate ourselves to the Women Co initiative from this beautiful new space.

Psst! If you’ve been looking for a new place to work from that’s more than just a coworking space, you might be interested in attending TAG’s Open Day this Thursday, September 13th between 10am and 4pm.

If you tag along, make sure to find us and say hi! We are based on the top floor, we can grab some coffee after you’ve taken the tour!


Group photo of participants of networking session for Women Co at Koh


New Events

We compiled all the feedback from the questionnaire you filled out, as well as the answers you gave when joining the Meetup group, and held a brainstorming session to review it all very carefully. The outcome is a series of new events which you will find below.

Save the dates and expect new Meetup events to land in your mailbox shortly!


COworking (Evenings)
We will be hosting additional Jelly coworking sessions from 6pm to 9pm for anyone who might have business commitments during the day and cannot fully avail of the amazing benefits that coworking atmosphere creates.

Mark your calendar for October 10th!



Think of it as networking with a twist!

Summer cocktails were a hit and since we want to remove the pressure from traditional networking events, we will be meeting in KOH (yes another CO!), one of the best Thai restaurants in Dublin with a wide selection of beautiful cocktails (non alcoholic too!).

We can chat in a more informal setting and these chats can of course also turn into new business connections.

Mark your calendar for October 19th!



These more structured events (held in the evening) are opportunities to share our skills, knowledge and experience with each other so that we can take our businesses or projects to the next level and innovate successfully. We are looking for guest speakers so if anyone would like to contribute and share, do reach out to us!

Mark your calendar for November 20th!


*Christmas Party

Yes, it is that time of the year when we must already book a date for December!

Most of us won’t have a company Christmas party, so we thought it would be amazing if we could spend some time together to celebrate the holiday season with other like-minded women, our coworking tribe!

Mark your calendar for December 4th!


Let’s Connect

To stay up to date with our activities and announcements, you can follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook – pick your favourite platform and say hi!

Attendees to our events are also invited to join our LinkedIn private group to maintain our professional connections. In this group, we share tips, links to articles, podcasts, events that might be of interest of other female founders.


Girl power notepad and coffee at women co session

We hope you will join us and we will co-create more amazing projects together.
We also hope that this community is beneficial to you, that it helps you find the right balance when you work on your own, that you find you can share ideas or receive and offer support to other female founders.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you at a future event. We are open to suggestions and feedback so please get in touch.
Enjoy your week and watch this space!


Your COlleagues,

María, Emilia, Magda, Natalia & Nathalie


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